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Rehab Plus, a privately-owned Jamaican company, opened its doors to the public over twenty-four years ago.

In April 1987, Rehab Plus made history. It was the first Jamaican company of its kind. Opening its doors in a 600 square foot space, the company set about the challenging task of figuring out how best to serve the needs of the people of Jamaica. It was then, the only medical/home health care facility with a storefront, where people could for the first time in Jamaica, see and examine products like grab bars, bath safety chairs, and toilet safety rails, different designs of wheelchairs, an array of orthopaedic braces and many other products.

Rehab Plus This organization came into being when its founder Hope Julal, a Registered Physical Therapist who had worked in the hospital setting for a number of years, realized the difficulty in accessing health-related products and services locally.

Initially, the emphasis was mainly on rehabilitative products and services. As the demands grew, the emphasis evolved into a much wider range of products and services. Expanding consumer education, increased training, ongoing product research, market surveys, and valuable customer feedback have all served to fuel the growth of the company.

In the early years, the two most widely used services were (i) Custom-made spinal bracing for children with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, combined with a personalized exercise programme , and (ii) pedorthic services (the use of footwear and orthopaedic devices to treat problems of the feet).

Today, along with a large product line, the company provides seven specialized medical services which are dispensed on the basis of prescriptions from doctors and referrals from physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropodists, podiatrists, and other health professionals.

From the company’s inception, the vision was to develop a strong bond with customers by providing quality service with genuine warmth and caring, and to ensure that every employee of the company, received training which would put them in good stead for any future undertaking. In other words, to train ambassadors for life!

Rehab Plus still proudly carries on the tradition of supplying innovative, state-of-the-art medical products to doctors and other health professionals, the general public, hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies, throughout Jamaica. This resolve is combined with the commitment to advance patient care and the quality of life for their valued customers, through the unique services offered by the company. Now more than two decades old, the company’s credentials include:

1988: The development of an integrated programme for managing Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis [AIS].

1990: The provision of a full-service Pedorthic department which targets problems of children and athletes, as well as persons suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and many other painful conditions of the feet.

1993: The training and Certification of the company’s first Orthopaedic Shoe Technician to enhance the offerings of the Pedorthic department. The training and Certification of one Orthopaedic Fitter of surgical appliances.

1996: The American Board Certification of Jamaica’s first Pedorthist, a health professional trained in the art and science of designing and making foot orthotics (in-shoe supports), and utilizing footwear to aid in the healing and/or improvement of problems of the feet.

1998: The introduction of Jamaica’s first Computerized Gait Analysis System. This system uses digital scanning to accurately asses the pressures on different parts of the foot during walking and standing, thereby guiding the Pedorthist, in the making of foot orthotics and shoe modifications to in even distribution of pressure.

1999: Commenced outreach programmes at various hospitals throughout Jamaica, geared toward providing free assessments and recommendations to persons with scoliosis, as well as those suffering from abnormalities of the feet, and hands.

2000: Certification of two Orthopaedic Fitters. The establishment of a department specializing in Occupational Health utilizing a Physical Therapy approach to Industrial Work Injury Prevention.

2001: Certification of 2 persons in the Management of Post-mastectomy patients (persons who have experienced breast surgery). The provision of adaptive equipment namely specialized wheelchairs, tilt tables, custom-made leg braces and other orthopaedic devices

2002: Provision of a Loaner Scheme for Surgical Instruments (in particular the Zimmer locked nail system) and accompanying implants to the island’s public and private hospitals.

2003: The American Board Certification of Jamaica’s second Pedorthist.

2007: Facilitated the Launch of The Scoliosis Club of Jamaica, a support group for children with scoliosis, as well as their families.

2010: Rebranded orthotic and pedorthic services and added prosthetic services under the firm Jamaica Orthotics Pedorthics and Prosthetics (JOPP).

Rehab Plus stands committed to training and professionalism of the highest order. Our commitment to service is exemplified by the strength of our belief in and respect for people from all walks of life.

We serve as the link between your
Doctor and Health Professional and you,
our valued customers. We Provide:

Mobility Products
Diabetic Foot Care
Surgical Implants
Physio Corner
Braces & Supports
   for neck, back, arms & legs
Stockings for Circulation
Garments for Scars & Amputations
Athletic & Therapeutic Footwear
Children with Special Needs


Computerized gait analysis
Shoe Fitting
Custom-made foot orthotics
Shoe modifications
Diabetic off-loading shoes
Adult therapeutic footwear
Scoliosis Bracing & Exercises
Custom Burn & Scar Garments
Medical Compression Hoisery
Post Mastectomy Care
Hospital Programme
Surgical instruments

** WE'VE MOVED! **
Improved facilities &
special services!

Visit us at:
12 Tangerine Place
Kingston 10, Jamaica
Phone: (876) 920-1727
Fax: (876) 926-6367

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